State Budget

Connecticut's economy can not recover if the state budget remains bloated with inefficiencies and hamstrung by an intimidating unfunded pension liabilities.

Unlike current politicians in Connecticut, Sally will think creatively to resolve the state's ongoing fiscal crisis without demanding new taxes, tolls, or fees.

Sally will support a budget that addresses these unfunded pension liabilities by achieving savings in Connecticut's bureaucracy and by using any additional revenue to pay down our debt.  

At the same time, Sally will lead the effort to restructure the state's pension plan for state employees towards something that taxpayers can afford to pay.


With four kids attending Fairfield Public Schools and as an active member of the McKinley Elementary School PTA, Sally understands the impact state budget cuts have on school programs.  

Sally will fight for Fairfield to receive its fair funding of Education Cost Sharing money.  She will work to prevent future governors from putting Fairfield's ECS funding on the chopping block, as the current governor has in recent years.

Special education must be prioritized, and Sally will be an advocate for funding and programs for children with special needs.


Sally wants to create an environment in Connecticut that is attractive for people who want to start, expand, and grow their business.

In order to do that, Sally knows that state government must provide businesses and families with stability & predictability.  

This will require setting a long-term plan for economic growth that focuses on tax incentives, a friendly business environment, and an abundance of helpful resources for entrepreneurs.  This also means refusing to raise taxes as a means of plugging holes in the state budget, while instead studying how we can lower the tax burden on Connecticut residents.

More businesses means more jobs, and more jobs means more families will want to stay here and move here.